4 Carpet Trends to Follow in 2020 to Make Your Home Feel Good

Carpet Trends

Every year, new and exciting trends appear in each section of business and the world of interior decoration is not an exception. Rugs are one of the integral parts of the home décor, and they should be taken care of. The carpets or rugs enhance your home’s beauty, along with keeping your feet clean for a longer time. Whether you want to stay updated with the latest designs of the rugs or you want to decorate your home with some of the fashionable carpets, you should first know about the latest trends. In this blog, you will come to know about the 4 trends in the carpet industry that rules 2020

  1. Rugs Made With Natural Fibers

The natural fibers like wool and silk are among the most common materials used to make the rugs or the carpets indoors. The wool and the silk are the pinnacles in the rug world. Even the rug buyers can observe some of the unique designs this year like the undyed and the lightly dyed rugs made with eco-friendly fibers like sisal, which is very demanding these days. Many of the natural fibers available today are soft and luxurious to look at. They provide ultimate comfort. They create a welcoming environment too. The popularity of jute and sisal rugs is quite increasing nowadays.

  1. Use of patterned area rugs

The use of patterned rugs has become quite popular. Some of the most popular styles are the cooler tones and geometric designs. Even you can get the abstract designed rugs available in the market. Many homeowners are also buying the warmer and inviting colors of the rugs. Along with these, the pattern rugs are also in trend. The rugs have complex patterns combined with the exclusive artistic touch, which have made these rugs so much accepting among the people. The mixing patterns have also become popular. Rather than pairing the boldly designed rugs with the quiet furniture, you can choose the patterns as well. Though the experiment can be risky, the result can be beautiful.

  1. Go for the neutral hues.

Though some of the rug designers are making bold designs for the rugs, the neutral hues are also becoming too popular among the rug lovers. The neutral color choices make the home feel more welcoming and warming. The neutral-toned rugs are the counterpart of the bolder choices of the carpets. For instance, earth-toned rugs are gaining popularity in some modern homes. Even some of them are opting for the monochromatic colors. You can use alternate colors of neutral tones and bright rugs for making a distinct combination.

  1. Choose the layering option.

Layering is a good choice to bring a sense of style to your home. Layering a rug on top of the carpet is now picking up the steam. Though it is an old fashion, you can see this style in most of the houses. The rug layers create a more defined look and increase the area as well.

These are some of the most popular trends you can see this year. Maintaining the carpet is very important, and if you are not getting enough time, you can consult with the professional cleaner who will wash and maintain the carpets. For the professional carpet cleaning, check out shinycarpetcleaning, one of the trusted carpet cleaning companies that offer affordable services.

However, if you really like to maintain you carpets by yourself, you should know the tips and tricks to maintain the quality of the rug as well as follow the right cleaning methods at home to keep it good for long.

Read below the points to know more-

  1. Blot the stains but do not rub

When a stain or spill first appears on the carpet, you should resist yourself from rubbing at that moment. This will make the stain enter deeper to the fabrics. Instead of rubbing, you can just dab the stains with the cleaning solution with the use of sponge or towel.

  1. Apply the club soda process

You know that you can remove the stains on the carpet with the use of the club soda. This process is effective if you maintain it correctly. First, pour the soda on the clean cloth and the blot the stain. If the stains get lighter, repeat the process with the help of club soda. If the process does not work, use 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and water and pour the mixture in the spray bottle and apply on the stains.

  1. Deep clean the carpets regularly

Deep cleaning the carpets in your home daily is one of the best ways to clean them in the right manner. If you have the vacuum cleaner, it will effectively suck the impurities from the carpets and keep them clean for long.

Thus, no matter what type of carpets you are having in your home, cleaning is very important. It can be done by yourself or you can hire the professionals.


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