3 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online

Protect Your Privacy

In recent years privacy and anonymity have become extremely important things for people from all over the world. This is primarily due to an increase in the frequency of spam sent by various platforms such as online stores and the number of scammers. However, there are other reasons why users of various online applications wish to hide their identities. Luckily, at this moment there are a few ways that everyone can follow to protect themselves from mentioned issues of Protect Your Privacy.

Use fake personal data- Protect Your Privacy

There is nothing wrong with using real personal data when signing up for accounts on different platforms. It is especially true for the situation when it comes to operating or promoting business. In this case, it is even recommended because being public and real is more credible and, therefore, has a better effect on promotion and sales.

However, if for some reason you want to protect your safety while surfing through the internet, then the first thing you should do is not to use any personal data when registering on no matter what online app. This list includes:

  • Personal name and surname;
  • Real photo;
  • Any credentials such as information about the place of study or work.

In addition, it is also not recommended to use a real email address. Instead, you can use a fake or burner mailbox. It will also protect you from disclosing your identity and constantly receiving messages about new offers, big discounts, and invitations to join different projects.

Connect to the virtual private network

Almost every popular application can track the location of its users. This data is presented by IP address. It doesn’t show accurate information but allows finding out the approximate location including the names of the country, city, and even street. This issue is easily solved by using specialized programs. In most cases, it is VPN or proxy servers.

Both these options can be used on a mobile phone, personal computer, or laptop. There is not much difference. The most important thing is that the device should be connected to the internet. With help of such programs, users can connect to virtual servers in other countries and thereby change their displayed location on the internet. For example, you may be in the United States, but the app will show that you are in the Philippines or India. In addition to the fact that such programs help to change the location online, they can also be used to access services and sites blocked in certain countries.

Use disposable phone numbers to bypass OTP

Phone number verification is a prerequisite for using many popular apps. This is especially true for social networks and instant messengers, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Even if this is not mandatory, without going through this procedure, the main functions of the sites probably will not be available, while on some of them it becomes necessary after creating several accounts.

Using your own phone number involves risks. First of all, it is identity disclosure. Everyone can use it to find out who you are using free and paid tools. Also, it can be used by other users and the marketing department of the application to make annoying calls and send spam messages that are no less distracting. In the end, do not forget about the consequences of leakage or theft of data from platforms that are always in danger in this regard. Seeing your phone number in a database on the black market is not good in any case.

All these problems, including the issue of security, are solved by using a disposable virtual phone number for signing up to complete verification. With its help, it is possible to register or activate an account on any application. Once used, such a number cannot be reused as well as tracked using public tools. In addition, being in one place, you can use phone numbers from other countries. This is also has a positive effect on security.

You can get such a number on the SMS-Man platform. This site provides numbers from more than a hundred countries for registration in all popular applications. In addition to disposable numbers, rooms are also available for rent for a certain period. They are located on a separate tab. With their help, you can receive an unlimited number of confirmation codes during the entire time the number is open.


At this moment people have several options to remain anonymous and protect their privacy while surfing through the internet. They can be used individually as well as or all together in order to achieve better results. There is no certain recommendation or restrictions. But, the main thing is that regardless of the chosen method, today everyone can take care of their online security. And there is no reason not to.


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