3 Ways Real-Time Footwear Inventory Can Boost Sales

3 Ways Real-Time Footwear Inventory Can Boost Sales
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Shoes are one of the most popular products in any clothing store, but making sure you have the right number of shoes in stock can be difficult to manage from a logistical standpoint. Not only that, but how do you figure out which shoe styles will be most popular? And how do you know what sizes will sell out first? If you’re struggling with these questions, then read on to find out 3 ways cloud-based inventory management software can boost sales at your retail store!

1) Personalize the Customer Experience

By tracking inventory in real-time, retailers can provide a more personalized shopping experience for customers. This level of customization can result in increased sales, as well as repeat business and customer loyalty. For example, by changing the layout of its website to highlight the availability of sizes and colors, Zappos doubled its revenue in three years! And when customer reviews reveal which colors are trending, Nordstrom creates new colors to meet the demand. 

2) Increase Average Order Value

One way to increase sales is to focus on increasing the average order value. This can be done in a number of ways, but one effective method is to offer real-time inventory information to customers. This way, they can see exactly what is available and make an informed decision about what to purchase. Additionally, this information through your

sneaker inventory management can help you upsell and cross-sell products, as well as encourage customers to buy now before items sell out.

3) Keep Customers Engaged

If you’re a retailer, one of the best ways to keep customers engaged is to have a real-time inventory system. This way, customers can see what’s in stock and can make informed decisions about their purchases. In fact, if your inventory isn’t up to date with trends, people will often go elsewhere.

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One of our customers found that their conversion rate went up by 5.71% when they started using our real-time inventory system to track what was in stock. With an increase like that, it’s not hard to see why any business would want to see an improvement like that!

To really give your business an edge over competitors, use live video broadcasting. Using video live streaming can help promote new products or highlight popular ones at any given time without requiring any work on your part!

Don’t be left behind with outdated technology: advance your retail inventory managementthe more technologically advanced retailers are using live video as a marketing tool while they reduce costs by using less staff during slower hours.

If you manage a footwear store, it’s important to have a pos system for retail that can keep up with your inventory in real-time. Hana Retail is a great option because it offers several features that can help boost sales, including the ability to track inventory levels by a sneaker inventory tracker, suggest products to customers, and process orders quickly and efficiently. With Hana Retail, you can be sure that your inventory is always accurate, which will help increase sales and keep your customers happy.


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