3 of the Most Entertaining Live Talent You Can Hire

Entertaining Live Talent

You can have an event planned down to every detail, provide smashing food and drink in the perfect environment – and yet it may feel as though something is missing. Entertaining Live Talent-

 An event can go from run-of-the-mill to unforgettable simply by having the right type of entertainment.

 There are many options to choose from, and you have to pick what fits best with the mood you’re going for and the crowd you know you’ll have.

 Overall, you want your guests to feel happy and at ease. Live entertainment brings gatherings to the next level, and also gives guests something to talk about long after the night is over.

 Hire one of these acts and your party will be heralded as memorable.

 Celebrity Impersonators

These talented folks emulate a well-known person’s mannerisms, oftentimes adopting their personality so well you think you’re seeing the actual celebrity in front of you.

 They range from imitating musicians and actors to pretending to be divisive personalities (Trump impersonator, anyone?) and even folks who are no longer with us (Elvis impersonators are some of the most rampant out there).

 Impersonators are most often very interactive with guests, so if you have a crowd that you know is a game to play along they could be the perfect entertainment fit.

 If you choose an impersonator of the musical kind, you’re covering the tunes for the event as well.

 Many impersonators love getting photos with guests, so you can also provide people with a unique photo opportunity and a story to tell.



When you entertain people you want them to be happy, and there’s no bigger laugh guarantee than a comedian.

 Comedians come in all shapes and sizes, from those who deal with physical comedy to those who dabble in dark humor. You can pick someone with the right tone for your crowd, and look to one who involves the audience if you want it to be an interactive experience. (valium)

 Comedians are great icebreakers in an environment where people may not know each other well. As folks connect to the bits they’re performing, they may find others around them connect in a similar way. This leads to great conversation after the comedian has left the stage.

 Laughter also relaxes people, and cuts out any awkward tension they may be feeling among peers they don’t know well yet.


Caricaturists- Entertaining Live Talent

A caricaturist draws images that exaggerate certain features of their subject, providing a unique picture that is complementary to the guest who sits for the portrait.

 These can be done in color or black and white, and some artists not only draw individuals but couples and groups as well.

 One of the best parts of watching a caricaturist work is experiencing the process of a drawing coming to fruition. The guests not sitting for the picture can delight in watching the artist sketch it, and then witnessing the big reveal and picture subject’s reaction.

 Their immense talent results in a party favor to take home and hang on the wall, and imparts an air of playfulness to the event.


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