3 Most Successful Casino Heists of all Time

Casino Heists

We’ve all seen large Online Cricket Betting ID heists in movies, think Oceans eleven, twelve, and thirteen. However, what about real life? Do casino heists happen or are these all fantasy? Purely movie-based and far from reality?

Casino heists do actually happen in real life, however, they are fairly uncommon, as you’d likely imagine and here are a lot easier ways to make money and certainly to enjoy the atmosphere of incredible venues, such as Dreamz and cozying up to a game of roulette or two, a game of texas hold em’ or trying your hand at the fantastic slot selection.

Nevertheless, various casino Cricket ID heists have previously taken place in Las Vegas, Australia, and London, amongst a variety of other locations. The largest casino heist, although failed was an attempt on the Australian Crown Casino in 2013 with what would have been a score of $32 million dollars.

This article will highlight three of the biggest and most successful casino heists of all time, beginning with Circus Circus Casino back in 1993.

The circus circus casino heist

Pulling a modern-day Bonnie Clyde, Heather Tailchief and Roberto Solis stole an armored truck from the circus circus casino in October 1993. Off-loading the truck in a nearby warehouse, the couple left with a successful $2.5 million dollars, later fleeing the country.

However, unlike Bonnie and Clyde, it wasn’t exactly undying love. Solis left Tailchief, and their child, with Tailchief later giving into guilt, surrendering, and serving five years in prison.  


The ritz casino heist (London)

In 2004, a team of two Siberian men and a Hungarian female played roulette winning a grand total of £1.3 million pounds. However, as you likely already figured, luck wasn’t on their side. Instead, the team used high-tech laser scanners, linked to their phones that would predict what number the ball would land on. 

However, as what they did was technically not illegal, much like counting cards, the team was not found guilty and were allowed to keep their money as they technically won it.

Stardust, Las Vegas casino heist

Back in 1992, employee Bill Brennan conduced arguably one of the greatest robberies of all time, certainly one of the most successful casino robberies. 

Quite simply, during his lunch break, Brennan emptied the cash registers into bags, totaling $500,000 and walked right out the front door.

To this day Brennan has not been caught, surreal yet oddly impressive – what do you think, is this the greatest heist of all-time?


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