3 Easy Ways to Get Your Website Ranking #1 in Google Search

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Website Ranking #1

If a total newbie to the internet, it is likely there are tons of questions floating around in the head. After purchasing a domain, all that most know is ‘add content’ and ‘i want to make money.’ Both are correlated points and important factors. However, there 3 ways to connect the dots to make this happen.

To get paid from a blog, you obviously need ads. Programs like Google Adsense have been around ages. You post the ad on the page and for each 1000 views, you get paid anywhere from .50cents to $100 by the web’s almighty G. However, where you get the traffic from is what’s likely to trouble a beginner. Here are 3 easy ways to get your website ranking #1 in Google search for beginners

Method #1  – Build Backlinks And Rank

If a website ranks high in Google search itself for popular or semi-popular keyword terms, your project will gain constant organic traffic. How fast a domain gets rank depends on the quality of your content and what other sites link to it. Each blog that references to your site with a link helps push your domain to a higher ranking.

To get these links you can use outreach, contacting other sites relevant to your niche and ask they give their opinion on your content.  Sometimes press releases work. The easiest way, find a legitimate service like ‘DFY Links” that has a great reputation online for doing the blog reach outs. Delegate the task of getting backlinks built to them and spend your time on content building.Do-For-You Links has editors and blogs on standby, waiting for the opportunity to review and link to your website.

Method #2 – Rank a YouTube Video

Many are not aware of this when first getting started with a domain. Ranking YouTube videos in Google and other search engines, it is way easier than doing your website. Therefore, to start off your traffic building, you can create a YouTube channel.  With each video, put a link to your website.

It’s not important whether linking to the root domain or an internal page, just make sure it’s relevant. Users will subscribe to follow your videos. Also, users will begin to get familiar with your website after clicking the links, creating free traffic.    

Rank videos in Google search with almost any service. Even if found on a site like Fiverr, it is likely usable.  Be sure to check references, but go with the $10 gig and try it out. With YouTube being owned by the big G, they do not frown upon what links point to their own product.

Method #3 – Add lots of images

A last and third method to generate a lot of free traffic,  this is one that many overlooks. Billions of people use Google search just to find images. Therefore, having images from your website found in the ‘images’ portion of search is important.  This can lead to heavy swaths of traffic.

The exact ways to rank here are unknown.  The usual techniques however are simply making sure you have great ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tag descriptions. Make sure these tags describe perfectly what is going on in the photo. Surrounding text in the article or page will also help Google decide in what keyword searches to share this.

Delegate the Work & Read Reviews

In conclusion, if using these 3 techniques when building your website, a success story should form. The domain will grow and as results become more profitable, so will the drive to learn more. Expanding content is key in this digital era as the biggest websites, typically make the most money, within their niche.

Also, as with any business, delegating work is an important task for growth. Always check the history of who runs the companies or business services being purchased.  Sites like DFY Links are run by internet millionaires who have more than enough money from their own path and helping themselves by helping those, willing to invest in their own project. Read reviews on Fiverr, SEO Clerk, or DFY, to see who can help polish your potential Diamond project.


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