2.0 Trailer: These Details About Akshay Kumar & Rajinikanth Will Make Your Wait Harder

Akshay Kumar Robot 2.0 upcoming movie

Since Shankar and Rajinikanth’s names are connected, so the movie will surely be outstandingly received in South Asia and fewer overseas markets.

2.0 Trailer: the predominant hero of Tamil cinema, Shankar is recognized for visionary films. Being a pioneer in Tamil of Vigilante movies. He is popular for doing intriguing and expensive flicks’ direction.

Likewise, since inception Shankar’s 2.0 another phenomenal film is in news. Further, the casting of Akshay Kumar along with Rajinikanth parallel lead has created supreme buzz.

Film accounts for an approximate 540 crores budget, the Bollywood cinema analyzers declared the film as an Indian cinema milestone because of its incredible VFX.

Thereby, mark the day 29th November, an official releasing date announced by its makers, after a couple of delays. Akshay showed up as a spine-chilling avatar in posters 2.0 back in November 2016, flickered the interest of the audience.

Producers chose Ganesh Chaturthi auspicious occasion to launch the movie trailer. In fact, the teaser has received a mix response because of miss and blink appearance of Akshay Kumar.

However, keeping the climax, makers explained that actor’s character is crucial as the story is based around to surprise the audience in a best possible way.

Consequently, makers released the edited trailer for the sole purpose to make viewers pleased through more Akshay Kumar inclusion and lesser of Rajinikanth. According to Bollywoodlife’s report.

Since Akshay Kumar holds an immense fan following across pan India, so this film absolutely makes sense.

Keeping the fact into consideration, the prior Rajinikanth’s releases do no earn up to the mark. However, the Shankar and Rajinikanth joined names will surely exhibit results and huge praise across the south and overseas market.

The edited trailer’s new strategy assures that assures wider reach and booming response for Hindi version because of immense star following of Akshay Kumar.

A project of LYCA Production, Amu Jackson, Sudhashu Pandey, and Adil Hussain also show up as stars in key roles as it is a sequel to ENthrian, a Hindi version blockbuster.

From a glimpse showed in the teaser, fans are thrilled and eagerly wait for the movie by inclusively anticipating Akshay’s character, seeing in the trailer.


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