17-Years Old Football Player Dylan Thomas #DylanStrong has Died

Daylan Thomas has died

A football player at Georgia high school, Dylan Thomas has died at the age 17. He got a critical brain injury and hospitalized. A number of news outlets have reported Thomas was a student at Pike County High School. He faced severe injuries during a game on Friday night.

Daylan Thomas


He transferred to a hospital because of a severe brain injury and critical condition. Nick Burgess (Thomas’ uncle) said, “Thomas received a deadly hit in the second quarter of the game. He fell down on the sidelines caused a fractured arm and a leg.

Steve Fry, the mayor of Williamson informed WAGA-TV, “Thomas went through critical surgery to relieve brain swelling, but he went into a deadly coma”. An observance took place on Sunday afternoon at the school of Dylan Thomas.

Pike County High School student Dylan Thomas dies


It is noteworthy; a fundraiser for medical costs and lost income was started by Burgess. The campaign has received about 24,600 U.S dollars by Monday morning.

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