15 Most Effective Real-Estate Marketing Tips

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Real Estate industry is facing immense competition. Realtors have to think a lot and then to do the math of best strategies just to gain the attention of buyers. These days, more and more property buyers are like to do most of their search online, so if you haven’t the online profile of your real-estate business then you are missing something really big. Today, I would like to share 15 most effective real-estate marketing tips.

  1. Get Active on Social Media: You must have your own business’ social profile on top platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Having a profile is not just enough, make a real effort and keep these account active.
  2. Keep an eye on Competitor: See what your competitors are doing. What is going for them and what mistakes they are making. Now the key idea is to learn from their mistakes and replicate their strength.
  3. Be accessible: Every online buyer prefers to have direct contact with you. Make sure you share your contact details on every social page, so potential buyers can access you whenever they like. If they have some questions, you need to address them quickly 360 degree photography.
  4. Design Attractive Business Card: You can’t attract potential customers toward your real-estate business with boring old design cards. Be creative and design a unique style card.
  5. Make Killer Videos: You can get the attention of millions of people online simply through a stunning video. Don’t share ordinary videos. For example, if you are selling an apartment. Tell your clients how this apartment is better than others and what difference it can make into their life. Add some stories in videos and see the magical results.
  6. Share Quality images: Hire a photographer and ask him to make good quality pictures of the landmark and property site. A good quality image gets more response than a bad quality one.
  7. Share Free Ebooks: Add some value in the life of people and share some free ebooks which guide your customer what to consider before buying a home or how to secure a good deal. If you guide them well, they would probably like to consider your offers.
  8. Offer Virtual Tour: Every person is busy these days, no one really likes to drive to a far place and waste time. You can save your client’s time by offering them a virtual tour of different properties.
  9. Make the most from Pinterest: You can find many pinterest boards with quality pictures of different properties. You can tag your own business picture in these boards and get instant attention of multiple clients in just one-day. Make sure you pick a group board which has a good amount of followers.
  10. Create a mobile-friendly website: Your potential customers normally search for a new property through their mobile phone. So, make sure your website is mobile-friendly else you will lose a big amount of clients.
  11. Share Newsletter: Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies which help you build a strong client base in no time. You can collect emails from your social pages, local outreach, and similar ways. Next thing is to send newsletter regarding open houses, new houses in the market, hot properties, and similar things.
  12. Stay Updated: Internet is evolving with the passage of time. If you really want to survive in this online market, you should keep an eye on internet marketing news so you have got the complete idea what are new strategies and how to gain the attention of potential clients with them.
  13. Google My Business is a must-have thing: There are many real-estate businessmen who work great on their social profiles and sites but forget all about Google My Business- which is a must-have marketing approach. You can instantly list your business in the local market through it. So, don’t miss it.
  14. Share Stories: Human beings like good stories, so you should share some great stories about your properties like how a house helped a divorced woman, how a single parent enjoyed living in an apartment and similar aspects of life.
  15. Do social media marketing: Make an investment on FB and Twitter ads. Such advertising campaigns will help you grab instant attention of many prospective clients.

Wrap up

I’m sure you can enjoy a boost your real-estate business when you follow these tips. The main idea is to spend your energy, time and money and then get some fruitful results. Still, need some ideas and tips? Feel free to ask.


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