13 Thanksgiving Home & Travel Safety Tips

Thanksgiving DAY

Thanksgiving spirit is upon us. The festivities are in full swing. People are excited to host their friends and families over a Turkey-licious meal. The hunt for recipes and decorations for homes is what keeps most of us occupied these days. And we love it!

However, you need to take some precautionary measures as well to ensure the safety of your house and your loved ones this Thanksgiving. Here’s how:

Avoid an Episode of Food Poisoning

It is very likely for individuals to suffer through food poisoning. Because Thanksgiving is all about eating feasts, getting together and uniting over yummy meals. Friends and family may invite you to watch Thanksgiving movies only for all the gathered people to gulp loads of food. Some of the safety measures that can help you avoid getting into trouble include:

  • Defrosting turkey properly before cooking it for a meal.
  • Make sure to bake or cook your turkey to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Make a conscious effort to refrigerate your leftovers within 2 hours of serving them.

You may ignore this tip, but the holiday season is the time when most of the people suffer through food poisoning. And these small tips can help you save yourself and people around you from any kind of inconvenience.

Fire Hazard Precautions

Another common mishap that can and does take place during Thanksgiving days is the breakout of fire in some houses or kitchens. Because many people do not consider taking precautions to avoid such episodes. For us, everything is normal unless irreversible damage happens. You should be careful and check the following while preparing for meals or decorating your home for Thanksgiving.

Install Smoke Alarms

Install a smoke alarm inside or near your kitchen. Not only the kitchen but ensure that you have a smoke alarm on every floor of the house. And if possible in the rooms too. This will help you stay safe in the kitchen. Because one has to deal with a lot of fire and heat in the kitchen over Thanksgiving. And it is very likely for an outbreak of fire to happen during those days.

National Fire Protection Association states that cooking is the leading cause of a home fire. The stats tell that such episodes peak during the holiday seasons including Thanksgiving. Check that your smoke alarms are work as well. Because they will be of no use to you if they are not.

Keep Away the Mitts

Some of the mishaps happen because of placing mitts or other combustibles near the stove. Because these products catch fire easily, things get worse if they do so. Wooden utensils and plastic bags also make it to the list. Other than that, women or men not wearing loose clothes or shirts with dangling sleeves. The clothes can catch fire easily too and spread fast.

Invest in a Fire Extinguisher

You should place a fire extinguisher inside or near your kitchen because that is where most of the accidents happen. You can bring things under control well within time if you have a fire extinguisher near you.

Be Careful with Candles

A common ritual is to decorate the dining area or the house with candles over Thanksgiving. Well, no one is stopping you from doing so but be very careful. Do not make the mistake of leaving burnt candles unattended. Moreover, do not place any items that can catch fire easily near the lighted candles.

Turn the Oven Off

Do not leave your baking Turkey unattended. It is a common practice for people to leave Turkey in the oven while they go out to grab something from the store. In case something unexpected happens, you won’t be at home to take things under your control.

Safe Travels

Families and friends travel to other cities and states during the holiday season. Therefore, it is important to discuss a couple of safety measures regarding that as well. Because you are most likely to leave your home alone, consider the following:

Emergency Road Kit

People mostly take road trips during the holiday season. You should keep an emergency road kit in your car. It will be of great help in case of a breakdown or an accident.

Install a Home Security System

Consider installing a home security system for when you are away from your house. Some of the home security systems go beyond informing you when there is a burglar at your place. These companies offer fire monitoring services, web-based services that let you keep an eye at your home through your smartphone or PC when away, and smoke alarms too.

Avoid Posting on the Social Media

Keep your plans to yourself. Avoid posting your travel plans on social media. By keeping your social media ‘family’ posted with every schedule of yours, you are inviting trouble yourself.

Pack Smart and Arrive on Time

In case you are planning to travel via airplane, you need to pack smart. And make sure that you arrive at the airport well in time to avoid any inconvenience.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, I also consider canceling all my mails and deliveries for that period. And if I am heading out for a long time, I call the service provider of cable in my area and request to stop my service for that month. Because why should I pay for a service that I am not even using!


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