12 More Creative Haloween Costume Ideas 2018

creative halloween costume ideas 2018

Creative ideas always appreciated and clapped by the people at any event in the world. This Halloween also calls for some creative ideas to make some party costumes.

You have to make a distinct personality with the creation of some new innovative ideas other than Hijabi costumes or Sexy costumes. Here are some of these ideas that you can make you an admired personality at the event.

  • Raining Men


It’s a great idea for a creative costume. Dress up like a rainy dress with some colors of rainbow and umbrella.

Wear a rain jacket and décor your umbrella with the rainy men of your own choice.

  • Tonya Harding

Margot Robbie presents the Tonya at her best.  All you need is 80’s hairstyle, amazed skating costume and you can be a point of attention at the night.

  • Gamora

It’s a costume for Guardian of the Galaxy member. You need to wear a tight black dress for a surprisingly sexy look. Cover up your face with green color and a purple color wig.

  • Edna Mode

A more creative costume having A-line black color shirt, bob haircut and giant flecks give you a surprising look.

  • Liberty Belle

Have some white and blue stars that are the trademark of Liberty Belle. It is a more creative costume idea that marks you at the party.

  • Miss Universe

You also can be a miss universe at Halloween. You have to décor the black dress with colorful plates. It looks more creative than hijabi and sexy costumes.

  • Unicorn Frappuccino

Complete your creative look with a neon pink outfit with a frothy cap and skirt.

  • Fake News

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Make a creative costume with old newspaper to present a look of fake news.

  • Moana

Embellish your Moana with a red color top, funky turquoise jewelry, and a grass skirt.

  • Morton Salt Girl

Collect an umbrella and a yellow dress if you want to wear a more creative costume this year. And become a Morton Salt’s label.

  • Ms. Marvel


Just look like captain marvel and dress up Ms. Marvel with black spandex leotard, long black boot, and a red sash.

  • Candy (Uni) Corn

When you mix the basic corn with candy corn then it will be a more creative idea for a sweet look at the night party.


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