12 Amazing Backyard Barbeque Party Tips To Instantly Impress Your Guests


It’s officially summer, and because of this scorching heat, we desperately need some quality relaxation time. Nothing seems more relaxing than a nice backyard barbeque party.

Summer comes along with its own vibes, where pool parties and barbeque parties are a must. If you want to have some amazing food and spend quality time with your friends and family, then you just have to throw a barbeque party this summer.

Don’t worry if you have zero experience of throwing one. You will find it very easy after we help you out with some quick tips. The best part is you don’t need to spend a lot for arranging a barbeque party. You can be thrifty and still have a blast. 

The following 13 tips will give you a headstart for arranging a backyard barbeque party To Instantly Impress Your Guests: 

1. Prepare Some Food Beforehand

The first & foremost part of arranging any party is to be punctual. What I mean to say is that you need to plan ahead.

Your food is going to be the main attraction of the party. Also, for a barbeque party, you need to manage a couple of things first. Before the arrival of your guests, you should at least prepare the side dishes or patties. 

It won’t look good at all if you are still slicing tomatoes or making patties upon your guests’ arrival. 

These tasks have to be completed before the arrival of the first guest. When your guests arrive, start grilling over fire. Preparing the side dishes and having the food ready to be grilled gives you more free time during the party. 

2. Create Your Menu 

Choosing what to serve in a barbeque party is an essential part. Most of the cases, people go with hotdogs & hamburgers. 

But if you really want to impress your guests, then you have to mix it up. To do that, you would want to add a few things like grilled fish or chicken, tacos, kebabs, steaks, pork, etc. This does make things difficult for you but will truly spice things up.

The best way to get the right side dishes is to just ask. You can always ask your guests beforehand. But if you want to surprise them, then grilled asparagus, chipotle lime wings, greek pasta salad, or watermelon salad are perfect additions during this hot summer.

3. Hang The Menu Up

Try writing the menu on a small chalkboard and hang it up at a place where everyone can see. Even if you don’t have a chalkboard, you can always color plywood and use it as a chalkboard.

This is a fun way of letting everyone know what’s on the menu and also is a nice touch to the whole barbeque ambiance.

4. Create a Cute Condiment Display

What we usually serve with hamburgers & hotdogs toppings is ketchup & mustard. But if you want to add a unique touch with your decoration & serving types, you may consider going beyond this usual concept.

You can choose little buckets that have nameplates on them for displaying. These toppings may include relish, tomatoes, jalapenos, ketchup, cheese, mustard, etc. Thinking simple things differently makes your party a unique one.

5. Hang String Lights

The decoration is crucially important for a successful party. To enhance the look of a barbeque party, you need to make sure that your decoration catches your guests by surprise. 

You don’t need to spend a lot for this purpose. If you are willing to continue your party even after dusk, then you definitely need to arrange lightings. You can hang string lights all around your backyard. The sparkling lights will add a delicate touch to the party.

If your backyard is close to your pool, you may consider putting cute little floats in the pool too. The right dining mats will also have an aesthetic appeal in your decoration. Rather than going with the traditional check ones, you may consider trying printed mats. 

6. Ensure Sufficient Propane or Charcoal

A great party can turn into a nightmare if you suddenly run out of charcoal or propane. To grill, fuel is a must. You need to make sure that you have more than enough items stocked up that work as fuel. 

If you suddenly run out of gas or charcoal while cooking, it will make the patties sturdy, dry, and will ruin its taste entirely. If the food loses its taste, then the whole party is ruined. So, be very careful about your stock of fuel and charcoal briquettes.

7. Deck Out the Bar Cart

Everyone knows that booze and barbecues go hand in hand. So, it’s not a bad idea to turn one of the corners of your backyard into an Al Fresco Bar.

You can also turn your gardening bench into a bar. Leave the potted herbs & plants beside the wine bottles. It will certainly look amazing. Or you can just simply roll out your bar cart for the occasion. 

8. Throw Beer in a Wheelbarrow

If you don’t have wines & want to focus more on beers, then we have the perfect plan for you! 

You can take your wheelbarrow & fill it with ice and beer. And it looks much more stylish than those beat-up travel coolers. Also, it fits just right with the country BBQ Theme. 

9. Decide The Snacks & Cocktails

Often at parties, people gather around the grilling machine or cooking place. Having all these people around sometimes makes it difficult to concentrate on the cooking. This might end up costing the taste of the food.

So, in order to escape from those, you may consider serving snacks on the dining table before starting the main meal. People will remain busy eating snacks like chips & pass their time, and you can focus on your grilling.

For the kids, ensure you have cocktails. Because they also need something to drink. Blackberry mojito, Rainbow Sangria, Big Batch Moscow Mule, etc. can really amaze them. 

10. Arrange Games To Make Things Lively

To get rid of being bored, arranging games is a brilliant idea. Also, the kids can participate in these & won’t feel isolated. 

A collection of no-skills-required lawn games will be much appreciated by all. You can arrange a basket of Frisbees, Wiffle balls, and badminton rackets—along with a croquet set to set the tone.

If you have a small place, then a few board games might help. For instance, scrabble or chess for the grown-ups can be a good idea. The best, however, would be a deck of cards.

11. Make A Playlist

There’s no alternative to music at parties. Cool summer songs softly wafting your guests’ heads while you indulge in idle conversation will most definitely create an incredible ambiance. 

“Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, “Jolene” by Dolly Parton, “Club Tropicana” by Wham, “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, “La Isla Bonita” by Madonna, etc. can be added to your playlists as they are the evergreen ones. 

If you want your guests to have a great time, try and come up with a playlist that all your friends will enjoy. 

12. Ensure Proper Safety

Last but not least, you need to make sure your party is a safe one. You have to be always prepared if something ominous happens.

For that, you need to ensure you have enough fire extinguishers, bug sprays to get rid of bugs, etc. Also, a first aid kit, including an ointment for treating small burns, should be kept at hand in case of necessity. It’s better to have precautions. 

If you have children around, then it is best to assign some adults. For instance, one adult for every four children will ensure you have a nice and fun party.

Final Thoughts

Summer is all about blowing off steam and enjoying awesome parties. Barbeque parties are easily the most recommended parties. You can easily set everything up in your backyard and call your friends and family over. Follow the above 12 tips to perfectly organize your next barbecue party and impress all of your guests.



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