10 Things To Know Before Buying A Shop For Your Business

shop for business

Running a business is not a piece of cake and the struggle starts from choosing a place you conduct the business from. Identifying the perfect place is said to be a myth. However, you can make a list of all the things you would need from the shop for your business and ensure you have touched base on all the important things to make the perfect shop a reality. In this manner, you can have a systematic approach to cover all the things.

Types Of Properties

Before zeroing on the things you expect from a shop for your business, you should decide what type of property would you want your business. While owning the shop is always a great option, you should be aware of all options to decide on the correct option

Rented Shop

At a lot of good and lucrative areas, it is difficult to buy a property. People are not comfortable to let go of their property and the second best option is to rent the shop for your business. For example, at a place like Mumbai, you cannot easily own the shop. In such cases, the best option is to get a shop on rent in Mumbai.

Owned Shop

Owning a shop is a preferred choice for a lot of people who are looking to establish a permanent business. While it is a secured option, this also requires more research and a higher budget. The availability will also depend on the type of business.

Shared Shop

This is also a very viable option. Since in big metropolitan cities, it is not easy to get a whole property to yourself, sharing property is becoming increasingly popular. The same property can be divided into two sections and owned by two people. For example, one property can be divided into two offices for a CA and a lawyer to run their business alongside.

Things to Know Before Buying a Shop for Your Business

When you decide on the type of shop you want for your business, you would also want to consider other things before deciding. These considerations will ensure that you can run your business without any fuss. Let us take a look at some of these points:

Type of Business You Need Shop for

You need to choose a shop based on the type of business you are into or are planning to get into. For example, if you want a shop to open a liquor store then the property should be equipped to accommodate that. Similarly, if you need an office to run a CA firm, the property you need would be able to fit that.

Target Audience for Your Business

A lucrative location can pretty well also be a pretty used up location. You need to decide the location of the property based on the audience you want to target. For a grocery store, it is essential that the store is accessible and short distance for the end users and consumers.

Research of the Area

You would also like to make this a good investment based on future prospects. The values of the shops are not constant, they can rise and fall based on a lot of things. Any new public amenity construction on future can increase the value of your property and make it more prosperous. So research about the area before deciding on it.

Condition of the Shop

The shop you want to own for your business should be in good physical condition. The construction should fall in line with what you require for your business to run. Enquire about the purpose the shop was used before now so that you get the idea of the amendments that must have been made and how strong the property is.

The legality of the Construction

The shop should be a legal construction under the eyes of the law and should also be free of any litigation issues. Any oversight in this matter can cause grave danger to your business in the future. Enquire and check the legality thoroughly before signing the deal of the shop.

Budget for Buying

Where you want to own the shop and how much you want to spend on it is the foremost consideration. Consider the options that are in line with your budget or keep your options for extending the budget ready if you don’t want to compromise on the property.

Lawful Purpose of the Property

It is imperative to check if there are any restrictions on the property with respect to its use and purpose. Taking the liquor store example again, there should be no lawful restrictions on what the using the property as a liquor store.

Support Services

Buying a shop is not just about owning the shop but it is about running the business altogether. You will be visiting the shop almost daily so the services like parking, accessibility, and security should also be considered when zeroing in on the option. You need to check whether these services are easily attainable before buying the shop.

Future Opportunities

You are opening a business that you might want to expand in future or you might want to lease out the property for a different purpose. Point is, the future is not certain. So make sure the shop has a scope to cover the changes and expansions that you might look for in the future.

Hidden Costs

A property might not be as hunky-dory as it looks at the start. There might be a lot of upkeep and maintenance costs associated with it. These costs are termed as hidden costs. Check for these costs and discuss them in detail on your shop deed contract so that there is no scope for confusion or conflict in the future.

These are a few of the points that you should always check for before you buy a shop for your business. Investing in a shop is no small deal and you would want this investment to be profitable, so you need to work to give it your best shot.


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