10 Reasons Customers Won’t Buy from Your E-Commerce Store

E-Commerce Store

First impressions are everything with e-commerce stores. If there is something even slightly wrong with your images, descriptions, links, or tone, buyers will find what they’re looking for somewhere else. How do you make sure your store stands out from the competition?

Here are the top 10 reasons customers won’t buy from your e-commerce store according to Inspira Digital Agency:

1. It’s not easy enough

If the buying and check-out process is too complicated, takes too long and isn’t a straightforward, smooth process, they’ll go somewhere else. Consider using a PunchOut catalogs, it offer a more efficient and effective way for online customers, especially in the B2B context, to procure goods and services. They improve the procurement process, reduce errors, enhance collaboration, and ultimately help organizations better manage their procurement activities.

2. Concerns about security

Customers will be wary if you don’t have an SSL certificate. Lack of security will deter buyers from shopping with you.

3. You are priced too high

This one should be obvious – if you’re not competitively priced, they’ll find someone who is.

4. Hidden fees and charges

Seriously, don’t include hidden fees and up-charges during the checkout process. Customers will see this, become frustrated and shop elsewhere.

5. Missing contact information

Give customers a way to contact you if they have questions about your products or policies! Whether they’ve got a question about a product they’ve already purchased or are considering buying from you, be there and be available for your customers.

6. Lack of social media

You don’t have to post every single day or have mind-blowing content, but having some social media presence demonstrates that you’re legit. It gives you more credibility and social capital.

7. Inadequate search functions

If your customers can’t find the products they’re looking for on your site, they can’t buy them from you. Make it easier for them to find what they want by providing a robust search opportunity.

8. Excessive page load time

Life moves fast in the digital age. If it takes more than a few seconds for your page to load, your customers will get bored and click away.

9. Lacking product details

Having a generic picture and a few bullet points isn’t enough. Customers want more info about what they’re buying from you. Here is tablecloth linens.

10. No incentive to return

There’s a reason that coffee shops offer those Buy 10, Get 1 Free frequency cards! They work! If you don’t give your customers a reason to come back to your store, someone else will.

There are a few simple things you can tweak on your website to keep customers flocking to your store instead of surfing to another one. Compare your store to this list to see if your business is a victim to any of these simple fixes!


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