10 Most Effective Event Marketing Tips

Effective Event Marketing Tips

Are you planning to host an Event? You definitely need some marketing tips with which help you grow your audience base. If it is the case then I have 20 most-effective event marketing tips through which you can boost up traffic on the day of the event and many of these tips cost you nothing but your dedicated efforts.

1.Create a Social Buzz

I don’t need to tell you how important social media these days is. So, let’s go straight to the point. You have to show your social media presence. Don’t just work on Facebook, try to hit every single social territory where your audience could be present. It means turning every little stone up just to create a smooth pathway of event success. In simple words, you need to try multiple social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

2.Ask influencer to Promote your event

Every industry has some kind of social media and local influencer. What you need to do is to reach them and then give them something very cheesy i.e. special discount offers for their followers. You have to sell your event tickets. You can ask the influencer to promote your event and in turn, whoever comes from their reference will enjoy 20 or 30 percent discount. This kind of promo-code will help you both, you will get event traffic while influencer will earn his follower’s respect.

3.Tap on Local Marketing Platform

There are many local news agencies and magazines which can reach the local audience at a price you can afford. Now pay them a little fee and enjoy a great reward i.e. getting the attention of a targeted audience for your upcoming event.

4.Email Marketing

If you have got emails and contacts from the last event then it is time to make the most from it. Send warming emails to your existing customers. Ask them to attend your upcoming event and give them some discount as they are not new. When you treat them as your community member, they would be more than happy to come. Even you can give them presale codes, just in case, they want to refer the event to their friends. Their friends will enjoy a discounted ticket rate and you will get more potential customers. This is a kind of win-win situation. Isn’t it?

5.Tweet.Tweet and Tweet

As you know, Twitter has millions of users, and you can get targeted traffic from this platform. For this purpose, you have to follow those people who are interested in your products or offerings. It’s not hard to find them. Just search a particular hashtag#, and you would be able to find a list of people who are following it. Next thing to do is to follow some people and use the same hashtag for your event. When you follow them, you will get their attention. Thereby, you will increase your followers. Now what you have to do is to tweet about your event from time to time. You don’t need to share a random boring tweet. Try to add some interesting aspects to it. Tweet about sponsors, tweet about people who love your product, tweet about how you make the real change in society, tweet about special discounts and so on. Try to get attention through your posts.

6. Change Social media links

Normally, your social media profiles have a link back to your site. However, when you are doing social media promotion for a specific event, then you need to link these profile back to your event page. So, people who check your social profiles land directly on your event page from where they can register and follow you easily. It is a must have change you need to do during the event planning phase.

7. Create a Powerful Hashtag

Choose a specific hashtag and use it on your social media everywhere in every post. If you do this, then your event can enjoy name and fame in no time. Choose a small and meaningful hashtag which people can recall easily.

8. Join hand with industry associations

Every industry has certain associations which have a powerful social impact. Now what you need to do is to approach the people who manage these associations and ask them to submit your event for their members. You need to make a humble request. For example, if you are a member of the chamber of commerce, you can ask other members to promote your event as a kind gesture. It is good to become a part of an industry association and then leverage the community power at its peak during event marketing.

9. Make SEO-Friendly Event Page

Your event page is a portal from where people are getting to know you and your offers. So, make sure you optimized it for search engine. It is not hard to make a page SEO-friendly, you have to follow some basic on-page SEO optimization techniques. When an event page is fully optimized, then you can get search engine queries which rank your event well.

10. Focus on pre-event marketing

The most crucial time of your event is one week before the event. It would be best if you reminded people that the event is coming and they need to come on time. As you are focusing on multiple platforms,  I suggest you schedule some important tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts. For this purpose, you can use some tools which help you schedule everything for the full week. In this way, even when you get busy, your potential visitors will get the much-needed notifications on time. Here you can find details of 11 tools which you can use for posting and scheduling on social media; some tools are free while others are paid. Try whatever suits you.


To make your event successful, you have to follow all these tips. Make sure you start working on your social, local and community platform one or two months before the event. If you think that you can get results from an event with overnight or one-week-before kind of effort, then you are entirely mistaken. To get the lucrative results, you have to start making efforts a long time before the event date. Do you have some tips which are proven useful during your event management time? Feel free to share with our readers. Never forget, sharing is caring.


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