10+ Custom Neon Signs For Parties


You know what the parties you often go to lack? Gorgeous neon lights glowing in the centerstage. Neon is like the spirit of the party. It raises everyone’s mood, and gets them up ready for a wild dance night. No wonder why neon signs are one of the most popular decor items in bars and nightclubs. Let’s turn your party venue into flashy and dazzling scene with our best in quality custom neon signs for parties with our little workbook below!

Let’s party

Add accent to your party venue decor by custom making a gorgeous neon sign displaying Let’s party. Stunning enlightening decor that conveys a truly perfect message for party event. You can choose to hang this in the bar section, or the centerstage to give it some color pops.

Simple, yet so perfect Let’s party neon light helps create a cozy and warm vibe.to the overall colorful decor with some confetti balloons and silver-colored paper streamers. 

A little party never killed anybody

Coming from the internationally famous Fergie song, this quote lyric captures the essence of a party so perfectly.Adding this quote neon sign into your party is an excellent way to add unique and cool vibes into your party. Encourage everyone to let loose, an indulge in every heavenly moment the party brings to you. Besides this benefit, the neon light also adds magical lighting to the scene, creating a perfect ambiance for dancing, and drinking the night away. 


Dazzling red neon light featuring A little party never killed nobody quote lights up the greenery backdrop, and adds pops

hello sexy neon sign

Imagine walking into the party venue, and see this at first sight. Ladies and gentlemen will be immensely impressed by the gorgeous sign. Bring in this beautiful compliment, and let this light up a smile on your guests’ face. The best spot for this is above the entrance decoration. Just imagine in the middle of a nightlife scene, a stunning neon sign say “Hello sexy” lit up, and catches everyone’s attention instantly. 


The hello sexy neon light casts a pink glow over the atmosphere, immediately grabs attention

Sweet 16 Happy Birthday neon sign

As you can see, Neon Light is the trending decor item in this scene. Birthday decorations like this, with a sequence backdrop and neon light birthday banner work amazing for both indoor and outdoor birthday setup, like party venue, an open terrace, backyard, garden,…..  and so on. This unique backdrop works as an Insta-worthy photo booth. Adorn this corner with other decor like balloons, confetis, or paper streams to make it look more fun and exciting.


Custom neon light Ranya’s sweet 16 makes beautiful, and fun event backdrop

Wine & Shine custom neon sign

Love wine, and want every guest coming to your party know this? Wine and shine is one of those perfect custom neon light that brightens up the party as well as sends the message. Hang this sign on the wall, or the wooden door you have, and let the party begin!

You can customize your own quote neon sign for parties, pick your favorite color, and fonts and finally sizes. We’ll do the rest, and send your sign to your door in a week’s time. It feels amazing holding the sign you co-designed with us in real life right?


Pink Wine & Shine neon light is glowing on the wooden board

This must be the place neon sign 

Tell your guests that they’ve arrived at the correct location by hanging this This must be the place neon light. Pair it on the greenery garlands, like in the picture below to achieve the nice contrasting look that instantly grabs anyone’s attention when walking by. 

This sign looks great near the entrance area as well. Since the quote is meant to welcome the guests into the venue, its addition will help lighten the mood, and encourage everyone to let loose and enjoy the party. 


Yellow This must be the place neon light adds color pops into the green and white backdrop

Baby showers Oh baby neon light

Baby shower is perfect opportunity for your future grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, and close friends to welcome the newest member into the family. Let your loved ones come together to express their joy and share time with the soon-to-be parents. Give them the opportunity to  “shower” your child with gifts, and good wishes before the birth. Celebrate your baby on the way with a Oh baby neon light lit up in the center stage. 

Have a good time, and blessings will come your way!

Oh baby neon light displayed on a greenery faux backdrop, and adorned with multi colorful balloons

Direct guests with Live music neon light 

All fun aside, don’t let your guests get lost in your party. Of course, we cannot prevent this 100% from happening. But prevention is better than cure, especially when you own a nightclub or bar. It’s always better to have neon lights with written message indicating certain functions, like Like music downstairs, letting them guests know if they ever want to listen to live music, go downstairs for that matter. 


Looks stunning, costs less, and do the job for  long time, what else you’re waiting for?

Quirky quotes custom neon sign for parties

Let loose, and transform your own quirky quotes into neon light. Parties are not time to be serious, and uptight, aren’t they? So it’s time to let your funny spirits run wild, and rock that party. Plus, quotes like these add character to the party, and give it a spirit as well. Who wants a dull party, right.

A quirky quote surely captures everyone’s attention, and lightens up the atmosphere.

Beer mug neon sign

Not a big fan of quotes as words may not be your strong suit. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. So displaying party-themed images, and shapes, like beer mug, or wine glasses is one way to brighten up the atmosphere as well as lighten the mood. Hang this on the wall on the party venue, this way, the sign will fully cast its gorgeous glow over the entire place. 

Once the party ended, you can bring this sign home, and hang this in the kitchen corner to bring some magical lights to your culinary experience, at the comfort of your own home. 

Beer mug neon light casts a yellow glow over the corner

To sum up, custom neon signs are the missing element you need to bring to your party. Let its glow, and beauty bring warmth, and magical vibes into the scene. You’ll be amazed at how much this alone will change your game. Now, customize your first ever neon sign with Zanvis Neon to receive the best customer support, and of course



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